Terms and Conditions

Last update: 21/03/2024



All reservation holders must fill out the registration form, which will be provided upon arrival at the front desk of the Hotel. 

Check-in time will be from 3:00 PM until 9:00 PM. In the event that the guest must check in after 9:00 PM, he/she must notify 24 hours prior to arrival in order to coordinate with security and customer service personnel the guest's entrance . Check-out time must be no later than 12:00 PM, otherwise an additional night's stay will be charged.  

We recommend that upon arrival you check the inventory of the room (towels assigned according to the number of people in the room, TV control, A/C control) because at the time of pick up it will be reviewed and in case of missing or damaged (beds, TV, A/C, furniture, etc.) must be covered by the guest for another equal product or otherwise will be charged at its price.






The services (water, electricity) provided by the Hotel must be used in accordance with the standards of good willing, the price does not include the waste o disproportionate use of them, help us keep rates low and affordable, and help us take care of the environment. 

Guests are asked to use the furniture in the room and social area in a moderate and rational way, taking care of them properly; likewise, all guests leaving the room are requested to has the obligation to leave the windows, entrance doors, water faucets, lights and air conditioning turned off. In case of damaging the property or the hotel furniture, as well as losing the keys, it is the responsible party who pays for the damage caused. Payments of this type are made immediately and in cash (in the case of groups, the responsible is the organizer and/or representative, so it is he who must advance the amount). Theft or robbery will be reported immediately to the police. It is forbidden to perform any act that causes damage or harm to the Hotel or other guests, or conduct contrary to decorum or social behavior. 



1. Pool hours are from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. 

2. Adequate bathing suits must be worn to enjoy the pools. 

3. Lifeguards may be available depending on occupancy, therefore, you should swim with caution and at your own risk.

4. Pets are strictly prohibited from entering the pools.

5. Prohibition of entry to swimming pools of persons affected by diseases transmissible by water or dermal routes.

6. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

7. Mandatory showering before entering pools.

8. It is forbidden to consume food and/or beverages in the pool area. 

9. It is forbidden to run around the pool. 

10. It is forbidden to leave glass or other sharp materials near the pool.

11. It is forbidden to enter the pool under the state of drunkenness and the consumption of alcoholic beverages near the pools. 

12. Follow the instructions of the lifeguard personnel.



The hotel has parking available within our facilities at no additional cost. The company is not responsible for damages, lost objects or any other inconvenience. 





The hotel will be open to the public from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, if the guest wishes to enter or leave after 9:00 PM, then the guest must let the staff at the front desk know in order to coordinate the opening of the hotel during non-business hours. In the circumstance that guests are absent for more than twenty-four hours without prior notice to the administration, the lodging may be terminated or suspended, as the case may be, and proceed to collect the luggage and belongings of the client.





Guests must keep their valuables away from the reach of any person. If you have any valuables, the hotel is not responsible for loss or misplacement of jewelry and valuables left in the rooms. área social.





The guest agrees to respect the biosecurity measures that the hotel has taken in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as taking a temperature upon entering the hotel, disinfecting footwear upon entering the reception area, washing hands with alcohol gel provided by the hotel at the entrance to the reception area. 

The guest agrees to keep the proper social distance, wear a mask in closed areas such as: reception, lobby, social restrooms. 

The agglomeration of people inside the pool is forbidden.






From 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM, the volume in the room area should be moderated. You must also respect the night silence in the corridors and stairways of the rooms for the same coexistence of customers. If your vehicle has an alarm, we strongly recommend disconnecting it.



7. PETS  


Pets are allowed in the hotel facilities. The pet fee is $5.00 per pet per day and $10.00 per night. The client who is accompanied by a pet must comply with the following pet rules and regulations

  • The pet must be kept on a leash at all times, particularly in the common areas of the hotel.
  • Any damage caused by the pet will be the responsibility of the owner and a fee will be charged for the replacement of the damaged item.
  • In case of disturbance of the environment without being able to control the pet, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the guest's stay for non-compliance with the regulations.
  • The pet shall not use the bathroom or showers in the rooms.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring your pet into the swimming pools.
  • The pet owner has the obligation to look after the cleanliness of his pet's needs at all times.
  • Breeds not allowed for safety: Pitbull, Rottweiler, Boxer, Doberman or similar or over 35 pounds. 

It is understood that by bringing your pet into the hotel, you agree to the pet policy.




The hotel is not responsible for any type of accident and/or event that the guest suffers within the hotel facilities such as falls, blows, animal bites, among others. The expenses that this accident or event may cause shall be borne by the guest, exempting the hotel from any legal liability. 




  • It is strictly forbidden to consume food from street vendors on the beach inside or outside our facilities. If you are caught consuming products from the beach at the hotel such as: cocktails, ceviches or beers, minutes, etc. The hotel is not responsible for any claim in relation to intoxication due to the consumption of these products.
  • It is forbidden to bring food and beverages outside the hotel. 
  • It is forbidden to disturb the order or cause nuisance to other users within the establishment.
  • It is forbidden to perform extreme acts such as pirouettes, indecent acts that may affect the morale of other guests.
  • The use of a bathing suit to use the swimming pool is MANDATORY.
  • The entry of coolers is not allowed





All rates quoted on the website or WhatsApp are in U.S. dollars and include applicable taxes, unless otherwise indicated. The hotel reserves the right to change rates at any time, with the exception of confirmed reservations, which will not be affected by subsequent rate changes.


All group prices will be described by means of a quotation sent by email or WhatsApp directly to the group representative. 






Our individual rates are flexible. In case the client wishes to cancel or modify his reservation, he must do so at least 48 hours before the day of arrival in order to be eligible for a 100% refund. Otherwise, no refund will be given. 

In case the client shows up at the hotel and does not wish to make use of his reservation for various reasons, the hotel reserves the right to open a resolution case. In the event that a case is initiated, the hotel will provide a case number by WhatsApp. The reimbursement process tends to take an estimated 3 to 4 business weeks and any news will be communicated by WhatsApp to the number registered at the time of booking. The amount of the refund varies between 30%, 50% or 70% depending on the type of case.


In case the client has paid directly at the hotel on the same day of his/her stay or beach day, if the client requests a refund after 30 minutes of having entered the facilities, there will be a surcharge of 50% of the value of the stay or beach day. After a lapse of 1 hour of using the facilities, no reimbursement or refund will be made.


It is the customer's responsibility to verify and/or corroborate the data written on the reservation voucher sent by e-mail. Otherwise, the hotel cannot respond for lack of data verification.




Group rates vary depending on the number of people, date registered and type of quotation. 


In case the client has made an advance payment to confirm his/her reservation, this will be refundable under the following conditions.

  • More than 30 days from date of arrival : 70% reimbursement
  • Within 15 to 8 days of the arrival date : 50% reimbursement
  • Within 7 to 3 days from the date of arrival : 30% reimbursement
  • Less than 48 hours from the date of arrival : No refund. (Only date change) 

The reimbursement process is the same as for individual rates. A case number is provided and all case developments are notified via WhatsApp. The process tends to take between 3 to 4 business weeks.



In case of breach of one or more of the conditions and/or prohibitions mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Hotel has the right to immediately terminate the accommodation contract. The client is also obliged to pay for all the days of accommodation specified in the reservation.






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13.2 THIRD PARTY LINKS The website may contain links to other websites that are not operated by the hotel. We have no control over the content of those sites and assume no responsibility for their use.





The hotel is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. All personal data provided during the booking process will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available on our website. [políticas de privacidad].



Personal information will only be used to process reservations and improve our services. We will not share your information with third parties without your explicit consent.



It is understood that at the moment of making the reservation, the client and/or guest knows and expressly and tacitly accepts in its entirety the present internal regulations of Hotel Paseo del sol, being in agreement with all the above mentioned points.